Welcome to Bankd

This financial literacy site is for Generation X, Millennials, Gen Z aka Centennials and following generations yet to come. Many of us don't pay too much attention when it comes to understanding the basics of personal finance. Every year millions of high school and college students go through every day lives without knowing how checking account, credit card or FICO aka personal credit score works. Trust me this stuff is important when you rent apartment, buy car or look for insurance. There are many myths, assumptions and misconceptions. The cost of not knowing the fundamentals of personal finance amounts to billions of lost dollars every year.

I know all this because like many of you I had no idea about banking, finances, credit or 401-K when I was starting my "grown up" life. While in college I delivered pizzas and all I cared was PS2 (Play Station 2), how to get new Motorola Razr cell phone (antique phone before iPhone was invented) and buying a better used car. Then I graduated with business degree and without much thinking got into banking. I had to learn personal finance, investments, lending so I can share my expertise and knowledge with my clients. It's been over 15 years and I am still in banking giving my expert's advise to bank's customers. With this site I can reach millions of people and help them at no cost by teaching simple financial literacy.

Site's mission is:

■ Most importantly to have fun while trying to convey this boring stuff to you

■ Teach basic financial literacy

■ Share experts' opinions on various topics

■ Provide you with advice that can help you build wealth