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Jonathan Gray

Managing Director

As a seasoned member of our leadership team, Jonathan brings a wealth of experience to the table, with a distinguished career in finance that spans over two decades. His journey has taken him across Europe, where he has served with distinction at some of the most prestigious financial institutions in the industry.

Jonathan's career began with a notable 3-year tenure at the Prudential in Ireland, which laid the foundation for his remarkable journey. He later embarked on a new chapter in Frankfurt, where he joined a private client stockbroker.

Through dedication and expertise, Jonathan rose through the ranks to become a Senior Dealing Partner within the firm, showcasing his ability to excel in challenging financial environments. In 2008, Jonathan was sought after and recruited to London, where he accepted a position on the dealing desk of one of the UK's leading brokerage firms. Since then, he has consistently achieved success within a range of organisations, harnessing his extensive financial acumen.

Today, Jonathan stands as a pivotal part of our team, serving as a Managing Director at Bankd. His wealth of knowledge and experience plays a critical role in our mission to deliver exceptional financial solutions to our valued clients.

Kallum Duncan


Kallum's journey in the financial world began in an entry-level sales role at a London-based brokerage, where he immersed himself in the industry for three years. In the face of the unique challenges posed by the Covid era, he swiftly transitioned into a new role. Here, he focused on navigating the intricacies of banking and payment arrangements for clients deemed high risk by traditional financial institutions and tier 1 banks.

Over the subsequent two years, Kallum's career took him through a diverse range of sectors and various jurisdictions. His experiences shaped his professional trajectory, with a particular emphasis on the medium to high-risk sector. Armed with this extensive knowledge and a bold spirit, he embraced a new challenge as he assumed the role of director in a familiar market within a new region.

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