International Payment Methods

Bankd: Sending your payments worldwide.

We offer a wide range of payment methods. Settle world wide same day via SWIFT or with ease through out the European union via SEPA & SEPA Instant.

Local Payment

Your local provider on the ground.

Pay to specific locations globally with ease thanks to local settlement methods including Faster Payments, ACH, among many more.

Digital Payments

Celebrate the future with innovative virtual currencies.

Effortless, secure digital payments and the exciting world of cryptocurrency await. Discover the convenience, speed, and innovation that comes with embracing these cutting-edge financial technologies. Whether you are looking to hold balances or convert with ease, we have you covered.

Mass Payments

Mass Payments: your shortcut to financial efficiency.

Traditionally, bulk payments meant added resources and error-checking protocols, causing time and cost inefficiencies. Our proprietary payment platform changes this. It simplifies bulk payments, allowing easy data import, error screening, and multi-currency support. Our ‘Check & Fix’ software ensures accurate payment submissions. Save payment templates, edit them, and benefit from competitive pricing through our banking relationships.

API Integration

Let the technology do the work.

Create and input flexible API’s meeting the demands of your business and your requirements. Our developers are on hand to ensure easy integration and bespoke products.

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